Early Bird Special Offer

Serving Monmouth and Ocean Counties for over 27 yrs!

Hello, I am pleased to offer you this contract at an Early Bird Discount*.

Thank you for your business. It is my pleasure to be your lawn sprinkler professional of choice. I am dedicated to giving you the highest quality parts and service in the industry. I have been certified by the National Irrigation Association as an Irrigation Designer, I am also an EPA WaterSense Partner. Also my staff and I take continuing education classes to be able to serve you better.  I can help you be Greener with the latest product technology and efficient watering practices.

Spring is coming soon and that means it is time to get your lawn and landscape irrigation system turned on and tuned up. You need it to operate at its best! This means it should operate as efficiently as possible.  When I activate your sprinkler, I will do the following:

  • Adjust heads as needed to eliminate wasteful overspray.
  • Trim the grass and roots from around each head so they can go up and down with less wear, which can extend their useful life.
  • Lubricate sticky heads to help them go down, reducing the likelihood of mower damage.
  • Inspect the entire system for leaks and problems.
  • Recommend modifications to boost system efficiency. Such as coverage issues that may require moving heads, adding or replacing heads, as well as removing unneeded heads.
  • Set your timer with a conservation minded, water saving program appropriate for current climatic conditions. Saving water means saving money.

I also offer Backflow device testing. The EPA and the DEP recommend Inspecting and Certifying the Backflow Preventer every year to protect the water your family uses.

 I am offering you discounted service plan options to save you water and $$. The savings are real; you can save the most water with the mid-season checkup and timer adjustment. Wasting water or restoring under-watered/stressed plants and grass can cost you much more than the service plan.

 To take advantage of this Early Bird Discount offer:  

Please sign and return the enclosed service contract with payment before May 15.*

*After May 15th regular prices apply.

Thank you, James Tracy